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Practise with me online!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I'm starting to create a number of videos for my students to practise with in between lessons.

The first one goes through how to get a sound using the flute head joint. The second one is for beginners who have had a couple of lessons and can make a sound on the head joint.

(Note - I've never made a video before, and this was a one take wonder I did quickly while my TV babysat my kids for a few minutes! As you can tell, it's totally real, unrehearsed, and un-edited :) )

Happy practising!

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Thanks Stephanie, I'm so glad you find it useful! It can be so hard for the young flute players when they start band that I thought they could do with some extra help, and especially resources that they could take home to help with practise there. Thanks again!!


Stephanie Gralow
Stephanie Gralow
Jul 05, 2020

Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for putting this beginner band book together. I agree and love everything you say and show. It seems as though we have similar educational and teaching experience backgrounds. I am a flutist/ band director. Brava!

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